Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Years and No Bitching?

What is wrong with us? Let's get this thing started again.

I know we all have things to bitch about, right?

Endora is alive and pissed off!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ya' Know What Makes Me so Arngry I Just Wanna Spit?!@?#@?

Mean people suck. Having lived both skinny (most of my life) and FAT (now) I have never experienced what you would possibly call "Fat Discrimination" until now...but I will tell you those skinny little young upstarts bitches that think they have the cat by the f'ing tail and can snicker and point and make mean and rude remarks within earshot of a fat person can kiss my ever lovin fat ass. They don't have enough life experience under their belt to tie their freaking shoes let alone make a judgment about someone because of the way they look, the gender, skin color etc. Its all the same. And it is mean and rude. I am not fat because I am a slovenly lazy slob ass. These same people don't know me from a hole in the wall. How dare they judge me. I have had children, experience deaths, have had 10 operations, 3 life threatening of which I am a survivor and gradually began gaining weight after every slice of the scalpel. I don't eat any more than I ate when I was 120 lbs. I didn't change my lifestyle one bit. I didn't start eating more. I just gained 20 lbs after every operation, child birth and what have you and surgery is stressful so excuse me if i gained weight because of it. ASSHOLES. So the next time you think its ok to snear, stare, snicker, make fun of someone maybe you better check yourself because not everybody is overweight because of any fault of their own. Even if they are overweight because of eating too much that is a disorder too and not easy to overcome so be glad you don't have it. If you are skinny yeah you but leave others alone. We aren't all meant to look the same. ASSHOLES narrow minded idiots.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Spammers Suck

I have gone in and set this blog to word modification. Yesterday we had a comment with a link that was going to be trouble had anyone clicked it. So hopefully, this will cut down on the problem children of the Internet. I need to go see if I can delete his comment now.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ya Know What Makes Me So Angry I Just Wanna SPIT?

MSN. I swear I HATE it when I click on an article on MSN and they make me go through 10 more layers/depths to get to the article. Making me navigate through a ton more advertising (obviously that is their motive), and other BS that I normally wouldn't want to read. Geesh the article wasn't that IMPORTANT. I was just browsing. Today I clicked on the supposed link and it took me to an entirely different topic altogether. Assholes. I wanted to read about $1000 jeans and I ended up on an article about gas prices. WTF? Google never freaking does that and foxfire doesn't do it either. Once in a while I use MSN because I am there already and fuckers always freakin try and control my websurfing.

glendathegoodbitch - hehe I'M BAAAAAAACK

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We Speak ENGLISH Here, People!!!

Did you see that one of the major Stamp companies is now going to offer not only stamp sets in Spanish, but also business supplies and a Spanish version of both the Customer and Demonstrator Web sites? As if bi-lingual signs in stores were not enough, and the ability to take your driver's test in Spanish, and I heard a rumor you can take your Citizenship test in Spanish, too, and we all know you can VOTE in Spanish ... ENOUGH ALREADY!!! If you want to live here and work here and contribute to society - LEARN THE LANGUAGE!

I am sick to death of not being able to communicate with my association's lawn maintenance staff, since none of them speak English. Neither did the guys who installed my capret, or repaired the roofs, or replaced the siding, or installed the fence. And I refuse to get a cleaning service because I cannot find one that sends English-speaking people to actually do the work. How in the heck am I supposed to leave out a note for them?!?!?

When immigrants came over here in the late 1800's and early 1900's, they all learned English so they could get work to support their families, and their kids learned English to be able to take advantage of the school systems. What happened? When did we start cow-towing to the vast numbers of Spanish-speaking people? I'll bet if all the illegal ones were to leave, the numbers would not be so large, but I'll save that discussion for another time.

I have no problem with ANYone coming into this country of ours as long as they do it legally and they make an effort to become a functional member of society. This whole "let's capitalize on the Spanish-speaking populace" business approach is just wrong. Am I alone in this?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inviting Me Or Just My Wallet?

This is the time of year for multiple celebrations. Graduations, weddings, hell even divorces. While I am not a wild and woolly partyier, I still like to lift a glass of wine, nibble a little cheese, even some nasty onion dip with celery. But something has changed in recent years.

Last month, there were numerous graduations but no announcements or invites. There was the offhanded "of course you will be there". But no time was given, no date and no enthusiasm. This past week I was asked by one acquaintance-so what did you give the big boy? I am known for my very unique and yes, very very generous gifts. I spend days and weeks seeking out the perfect gift to give. But this time I didn't. Was it too much to spend 42 cents and a typed up sheet of paper with the incidentals for the party? A postcard would have worked too. Even an email. But none came.

I overheard some talkers saying how they got all the food donated and the DJ too. And boy did big boy rake in the bucks. And he wasn't even around for more than 15 minutes of his own party. Nice host.

So I find myself in a similar dilemma coming up in July. I got a call tonight telling me "I hope you come to blondie's to-do. I didn't send you an invite because it was too expensive and well, I know you always come to these things and everyone always loves your gifts". Um, I don't think so. Again, 42 cents is too expensive? So was the 15o dollar gift I had picked out. She will now get a simple hand made card and that is it. I can play cheap too. Supposedly, blondie just kept adding guests on top of guests (she was paying for none of her own soiree) and most of the invitees, she barely knew. Some she hadn't seen since she was 3 or 4. But me, she saw a lot and emailed with and hell, I paid for her fucking catered shower food when her mom had to file for bankruptcy.

I am tired of this. I love buying gifts and surprising people with things I know they want but can't ofter afford. To see eyes light up and sparkle over a small but significant present-it's grand. I myself hate to have anyone buy me anything at all-not even lunch. I never was good at feeling I deserved it. So maybe I get my satisfaction by doing the opposite. But it's because I want to, not because you know I will.

I have decided to save my money and find a local woman's shelter that can use the cash to save a deserving soul. Because blondie and big boy, I think are already lost in their own faux greatness.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Anything For A Buck

I was at the store tonight trying to find natural eye drops without the ingredient I am having some problems with and happened to walk down the baby aisles. OMG! Since I haven't had a baby in the house in like 30 years, was it a trip!

This is the baby product I found! Baby Cologne for god's sake. When did we start stinking up our babies with garbage like this? Click here for another company's version and see where it's being made.

Babies don't stink. Clean diaper, a bath and they smell wonderful. So why do we have to dunk them in crap like this? Do diapers have scent in them too? I ask as I haven't purchased them since the 70's. I do buy the unscented baby wipes for myself as they are excellent make-up removers and rubber stamp cleaners. I still think a newly bathed baby in Ivory soap is the best it can be-totally natural and squeaky clean-just as my Grammy did.

Any thoughts? Any more stupid products to add here? If so, add a link or send me a photo to add.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Me first!!!!

Or maybe I should call this "Oh, you mean I am NOT the only person on the planet?" This gripe is about people who walk up to a counter to order something without regard to the line of people waiting to do the same thing. Excuse me, are we all INVISIBLE? This happened to me twice this morning while I was in line to order breakfast. Some guy just walked up to the front of the group waiting and placed his order. When a few of us glared at him, he did apologize, but only after we said something. Then after I placed my order and was waiting for the guy to cook it, another guy came up to the front and tried to order. At least 3 people practically jumped the poor guy and pointed out the line of people already waiting. At least the guy behind the counter got smart and started asking, "Who's next?"

I mean, c'mon, people! Open your eyes and look before you assume you can just walk up and be first in line. How hard would it be to say, "Excuse me, have you ordered yet?" and checked out the lay of the land before just butting in?

Okay, this was before I'd had any coffee, and both people did apologize, but it still steamed me that we had to point it out to them.

Am I the only one who gets to experience this phenomena?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Have you seen

this thread on SCS:

People are PISSED that the technique posted by Claudia was somewhat "stolen" word for word from the Technique Junkie Newsletter....

So what are YOUR thoughts?!

As for me, I could care less... this is simply a pathetic way for me to invite others to bitch on our site.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cell Phones - They're EVERYwhere

What's the deal with cell phones? I know I am "old", but I do have one. I just do not stay glued to it all day long. I guess I HAVE A LIFE! Please, please, please, someone explain any of the following to me:

1. Driver of a HUGE vehicle, pulled into a parking space crooked, backed up (into traffic), tried again. All the time ON THE CELL PHONE! Put it DOWN fer crissake!

2. Woman in the drycleaners, talking to her bluetooth. Handed her clothing to the poor clerk who tried to ask her a questions, and she looked annoyed. How rude! Could she maybe SHUT UP for a second and not be rude to the person SERVING HER!?!

3. Woman in line behind me at the grocery store, yap-yap-yapping contantly into her cell phone. When I turned around and looked at her (she was less than 2 feet from me), she just looked annoyed. Let me tell YOU about annoyed!

4. I'd have to say 4 out of 5 people I passed coming into the grocery and when I left the grocery, and IN the grocery, were on their cell phones. What in heaven's name do all these people have to say that cannot wait until they get home?!

5. The place I get my hair cut has a manicurist, of course. One time while I waited for my stylist to finish with her previous customer, this manicurist was working on a customer's nails, and in the 10 minutes I waited, she took 4 cell phone calls. She stopped talking to the customer to take the calls. I decided then and there to never get my nails done at this place if this manicurist was still there. I told them so, too. Not sure if she is still there or not - I stopped caring.

6. And the winner is: I got my hair cut Friday night (same place as #5...I love my stylist, what can I say?), and I kept hearing a one-sided conversation. The stylist across from mine was talking on her Bluetooth WHILE SHE WORKED ON SOMEONE'S HAIR! Talk about rude to the nth degree. THEN - THEN - she had Call Waiting, and she grabbed her cell, put the first person on hold and TOOK THE OTHER CALL!

So what am I missing here? Has it become commonplace to accept this level of rudeness? And who are these people TALKING to?!?!?!?