Thursday, February 14, 2008

Designer Crafting Rooms (Photos Welcome) Bitching' Candy Too!

This will stay at the top until Valentine's Day-Amazon GC code (via email). Get those crafty room photos submitted! Let's have fun with this!

Only a few days left to enter!! GC code is in my hand waiting for a random winner. You can't win if you don't enter!

The email below is not working correctly-you will have to do a copy and paste as the hyperlink did not work for some reason.

Some recent "look at me" type decided to have a challenge on her blog where you had to post a photo of your crafting space, room or rooms (there were a couple with the plural and one with a whole wing of a house!). I am always curious to see how people save space and store odd items so of course I would click the links (none had full feed that I recall).

Who can afford a custom decorator to do these? For that matter, who has the space to dedicate 1000 or more square feet to an obsession? I wish I had saved the links because my mouth is still agape. Top of the line cabinets (you know those ads you see in the magazines and drool over-they would turn their noses up at them), multiple wooden desks with marble tops-(oh I mean crafting areas), hand woven rugs under each 800.00 ergonomic chair. The latest "In Color" graces the walls. Of course, the prerequisite "word" is hand calligraphied on the wall. Imagine. Create. Restore. What is the word of the month, people??? GAG!!!

Every paper is color coded in graduated hues, in slip cases. Every embellishment is in a jar labeled, turned just so on a shelf. All the tools we lust over, they already have. Set just precisely so on turntables (sometimes even having multiples so they don't have to sweat by getting off their fat asses and reaching for it on the other side of the room). Nothing is out of place. No scraps of paper. No misaligned shelves or containers. No glue bits stuck on the table. No cat hairs. No human hairs for that matter. It's hermetically sealed. It's not used for crafting. It's just for show. "Lookie lookie at what I have".

There is no Wal-Mart, no Target, no Ikea in these rooms. Martha is their idol (zombies all of them). Nope, a decorator was called in and given unlimited budgets and in a "glitter dusting" it's all done and they have grand openings with big pink bows and fussy tea cakes. Maybe a make and take to have as a souvenir (designed by Martha, of course). One "crafter" said her hubby so loved her and made this creative bungalow for her (since he is an "in demand" lawyer (her words) with 50.00 manicures-he did not make this for her). Ha! Maybe she consoled herself with this for the inattention from him. She could surely have tons of attention from the "country club parasites" or maybe she put out once a week for him? So she earned it??

I would like to propose a challenge to the real people who read this blog. Each of us post a photo or photos of our crafting areas-warts and all. If you are neat, that is fine. If you are a messy, even better. If you are an obsessive freak, we probably have already seen your room but have rarely seen you create something. If so, why not direct us to something you have actually made. Anyone who wants to participate can email me their jpeg photos at endorawitchoftheeast at gmail dot com (notice you will need to take out the words at and dot and add @ and .) and I will upload them for publication on this post. You can post by your real names or anonymously-just don't cheat and send a fake photo. I will know. I am the blog troll. If we get enough great photos, maybe a prize? Since blog candy is such a hot commodity-let me think on that.

The best prize would be a gift certificate to the dollar store for obsessive freak, don't you think?

We have our first upload for the contest! Let's hear it for the first brave crafter. Now I expect more entries. Still haven't decided on a prize but I have a great idea!!

Okay! There will be a Gift Certificate to Amazon-so get your photos submitted to the address above!

Remember to click each photo to make it larger!

Aren't these great? This is the real world of craft rooms and I am so proud you have chosen to share them with us! Messy or clean, we choose to spend our money on stamps, tools and the items that really count for our hobbies!


Jen (creative chaos)

Jen (another view)


Shelli (clean)

Amanda (no blog?)

Cheryl (no blog?)

Shuggy twosome


Lori's Triple Play

Jan's Cave

Angel's Digs



Jan Scholl said...

CAn I have the budget these ladies have for this? I need a new kitchen countertop and my roof is leaking.

Anonymous said...

if these bloggers bother you, why do you look at their blogs?
don't you ladies have better things to do with your time than whine?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I've heard the saying, "If your craft room isn't messy, you ain't a great stamper". No ain't jealous that I don't have a room like that, infact, if I did - I don't think I would find anything!

Bitch, This is MY Blog... said...

Anonymous said...

if these bloggers bother you, why do you look at their blogs?
don't you ladies have better things to do with your time than whine?


If WE bother you, why are YOU here? Before you write, think about what you're writing. We know what the purpose of this blog is for. The question is, do you?

Juliann said...

$50 manicure? You have got to be flippin' kidding me!!! Besides who brags about that, it actually makes someone sound really dumb!

I sent a picture of my Ikea bargain designer don't have to have a lot of money to THROW away to be creative!
Usually the best artists work in a mess and have very low budgets.

So what I would like to know is what are these people doing to actually help make a difference in this world...who are they extending their helpful hands out to? Who are they making a positive impact on...and robotic green eyed friends do not count!

What are you going to be remembered well you stack your card stock?
Or how much of a snot you are?

Anonymous said...

Miss anonymous #1,
Why are you here checking to see if we are whining???
Don't you have better things to do with your time?
Or was that post just about you?

Shellie Shufelt said...

I would love to share a before(when it's REALLY messy) and after(When I do decide to clean it) picture of my craft room but when I click on the email addy to send it to, it doesn't work. Any ideas?

Jen - A Spice Angel said...

I sent you an email with 2 photos of my room. It looks like a hurricane ran through it.... will the prize be a MAKE OVER for our rooms? Please?

Anonymous said...

I have a very small Stamping area.
Which I have posted on SCS. I've had a lot of people tell me. I have to much stuff. Well when you stamping area isn't that big. It looks like a lot of stuff.

I am working on getting rid of some of the stuff that I don't need. And adding better storage.

My area is mostly messing most of the time.

And most of my stamping room stuff I got for free. Which is good for me since we don't have ton's money.

Love this site...One day I'll share with name.

Anonymous said...

Great photos!! Thanks for sharing these!!!

Juliann said...

I think that us crafty gals sure do keep that white and grey table company in business!!! I see them everywhere, what did we do before those tables? Brown square padded card tables eh? Too funny!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather put my money into actual crafting supplies and not fancy chairs and tables and shelves. I have just enough organization to keep things straight, but I really don't care if the files all match perfectly.

Jen said...

I am curious to know where these are posted. I love looking at them so I can prove to my DH I don't have nearly the amount of s**t that many others do! Sorry if that sounds snotty but sometimes you have to blow out another's candle to make your own flame brighter...

Mandiannie said...

Hey all you who are cleaning your rooms. If you stumble onto anything that you don't want anymore and haven't used or gently used...shoot me an email. I'll help you get a good new home for it.


Anonymous said...

Or she will sell it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous

I don't really want my husband anymore. He's a workaholic: works, eats, shits and sleeps. But he makes a beneficial 6 figure salary with high end benefits and has a traditional pension and quality 401upwards of 750K. He gets a new car every year too. And a mortgage free home. Want him? Shipping and delivery confirmation included in the price-your sanity.

Anonymous said...

I don't really want my husband anymore. He's a workaholic: works, eats, shits and sleeps. But he makes a beneficial 6 figure salary with high end benefits and has a traditional pension and quality 401upwards of 750K. He gets a new car every year too. And a mortgage free home. Want him? Shipping and delivery confirmation included in the price-your sanity.


I think you meant this to be for the previous poster before the Anon: Mandiannie

Anonymous said...

I think these people with the designer scrap/stamp "studios" have hoarding problems. You should check out some of the hoarders over at 2peas... they've got jars and jars Prima flowers in every color, same with cardstock and paint. More stuff than your average LSS.

Anonymous said...

oops my bad-I actually meant you Mandiannie, since you want to take stuff off our hands! You game?

Anonymous said...

Those are some clean studios bitches...

Mandiannie said...

Actually anonymous, I'm a happily married lady with a loving husband who supports my scrap habit. I don't have all that much stuff in fact it's what most would call bare minimum. I'm not looking for new husband even one that makes 401upwards of 750K. Sorry, can't help you with that one.

I am in need of patterned paper...

Jan Scholl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan Scholl said...

my hubster supports my habit. I control the budget and give him an allowance. So he is totally clueless. He still thinks a load of bread is less than a dollar too.

gotalottastamps said...

Holy shit Jan, how many stamp sets do you have? hehe I've got 125 but mine are all in cd cases now lol

Jan Scholl said...

gotalottastamps--I bought out a collector stamps lady a few years ago (most had never been used). I paid less than 4.00 a set! and I got all her inks, powders, accessories (a deluxe carl cutter with extra blades and one of those ink turntables) etc. I gave some away too. There were 256 sets with some dupes-many never mounted. She had them on Ebay and no one met her minimum (I was offering 1200.00) including postage, so when the auction ended, I made an offer via email (1200. plus postage)-and I know that is against some rules but she took it. both of us happy as she was getting a divorce and needed cash and had auctioned it three times lowering every time. I was just in the right place at the right time.then there is the once or twice a year I make an order (usually the 150 for a party deal) and there it is! my SU collection. But all those shoes boxes next to the iris cart have my regular stamps and there are way more wood mounted non-SU than anything. Don't you love how I stuck them boxes in the closet and can't get to the stuff in the cart easily? I suck at logistics.

Lorabele said...

Is it possible to make the pictures bigger? They're really hard to see as they are, so small. I would love to see more the detail. Even in the messiest of rooms, there may be some great idea for organizing our crap.

Jan Scholl said...

Lorabele you have to click each photo to make them bigger. But if a small megapixel photo was sumbitted, we can't enlarge it too much. I know the ones I sent were several mega bites so they blow up better but I have no idea what others sent. Try contacting the person listed below the rooms.

MissaTooU said...

Just happened upon your site from Jen's pieces of me! This is great I feel the same way with most everything. I am going to try to share my pictures with you too of my stamp area.
I love your post on the store. I was just at the grocery store (Bakers) and they did the same crap to me. I bought 10 of the tv dinners that are on sale for .59 cheap garbage food I know but in a pinch they work for the kids. ANy way they rang up .79 so I told the cashier. She said it will be discounted at the end. Well at the end she says they should but she can't read the receipt till I pay for it. Oj, so I pay with a credit card and guess what? Nope no discount so now I have to go stand in line at the customer service to get my money back. Two mexican guys taking forever trying to wire money back home, Noone understood the spanish they were talking, Half an hour later I finally got my 2 dollars back. What should have been a quick trip to the store for milk bread and a sale item took me an hour.
In Nebraska they say stores are to give the item for free if it rings up wrong. Not today! Apparently they don't have to offer that any more. Oh well! Next time the b**ch better listen when I say it's ringing up wrong!
I will be back to enjoy your site again Thanks for feeling our pain together.